Coaching with Conestoga Valley Baseball

to be considered for coaching, we require the following

To be considered for coaching, you must fill out the application one week before annual evaluations.  The Volunteer form and background check moducle can be done at registration or at a later date.  All required background checks and clearances must be submitted prior to the date of evaluations.

In keeping with Pennsylvania law and in protection of our young players, all named coaches are required to complete a background check.

When volunteering to coach, in our Stone Alley registration tool, please make sure you upload the result documents from the following background checks:

If you have lived out of state within the last 10 years, coaches will be required to fill out a FBI Crimal Background Check.  The fingerprint check can be completed at the IU13 Campus on New Holland Avenue in Lancaster.  Additional questions can be addressed to

Accidents Requiring Medical Treatment

If one of your players (or coaches) are involved in an accident during a league practice or game, you are required to complete an incident/injury tracking report and notify the safety director within 24 hours.  The incident/injury tracking report can be found on page D4 of the safety manual.  

Coaching Tips

Jim Smuck, a former CV coach and board member, created an excellent coaching manual that outlines recommended practice drills and techniques to teach quality fundamentals and mechanics.  We feel it is essential to engage your players in fun practices that will keep them coming back to baseball year after year.  Coaching resources are also available freely available to anyone on Little League University for all levels of baseball play.


Looking for more help?  Here is a great resource for players who may have disabilities on your team.  Please review this website for some helpful tips.  It is a great way to try and get ALL players to participate.

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